MUSED | Muse Tribute
18th November 2022 - 6:00 pm
Imperial Music Venue

Mused are the Ultimate MUSE tribute act who excel at delivering the most authentic Muse concert experience, in terms of lookalike, soundalike and full on MUSE attitude. As Muse now rarely perform at anything smaller than arena capacity, Mused offer the opportunity to get up close to the action!

We accurately recreate all of your favourite Muse tracks, and just like Muse, rather than playing them exactly like the studio recordings, we perform all the extra bits including the “improvised jams” in-between songs just as Muse do when performing live, thus creating a true Muse live experience! From the moment the show opens to the encore you will believe you are listening to, and watching Muse themselves!


Imperial Music Venue Arcadia Hall
Cliff St
Mexborough S64 9HU
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